COVID 19 создает рабочие места

Поиск и предложения по работе.
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COVID 19 создает рабочие места

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Кому нужна работа = искать здесь: ... -435626183
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Re: COVID 19 создает рабочие места

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Я бы сказал иначе..Уволили юнион работяг..Набирают подешевле нон-юнион..
Пахнет мордобитем..
Union workers lost hours when Spud moved work to non-union Burnaby subsidiary: LRB Spud
The East Vancouver grocery delivery service, Spud has lost a case at the B.C. Labour Relations Board after the company moved work from its union shop to a non-union subsidiary in Burnaby.
A union accusing the East Vancouver grocery delivery business Spud of purposely moving work away from its union shop to a wholly owned non-union subsidiary in Burnaby has won its case in front of the B.C. Labour Relations Board.
All workers who pick and pack products at Burnaby’s Food-X, which operates a warehouse on Trapp Avenue, will soon be covered by the same contract as workers doing the same jobs at Spud, which has a warehouse at Commercial Drive and Hastings Street. ... 1.24188283