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Сообщение mikei » 28 фев 2019, 01:39

Архиважная статья! Поможет говорить с учителями и другими родителями без стыда за poor vocabulary.
https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2019/02/2 ... _23677520/

A Brief List Of Gender And Sexual Diversity Terms For Parents
These terms will help you be inclusive online and IRL.

Regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, parents use the same acronyms online — everyone wants their LO to STTN!

But let's say you read, "FTM here — ISO resources to help my preschooler," and assume that this person is a "first time mom." Not so fast: it's also possible they could be transitioning "female to male" and are in search of resources to help their kid understand.

When you post on your local FB parenting group that you're a WAHM who's LF productivity tips, and someone says, "OMG, samesies! My AFAB isn't letting me get any work done today," get Googling (or just reference this list).

And remember: one way to be inclusive and kind online is to add your pronouns on the next parenting group introduction thread. It's as easy as, "Hi, I'm Bri (she/ her), and I am trying to remain sane while parenting a 2 y/o AFAB and a 4 y/o AMAB. Please send coffee."

AMAB/AFAB: Assigned female/male at birth. Many parents choose to identify their children this way, as it doesn't assume that their biological sex corresponds their gender. UAAB is "unassigned at birth," often used by parents who are raising their children as gender-open.

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